Africans for decades have been champions of blaming others for little development, civil wars, femine and hunger among other challenges faced by the continent, Africa.

The blame on other continents and nations for Africa’s poverty is justified, but more reflection should be done.

Africa to move forward needs to self introspect so as to find lasting solution to the predicaments the continent continually face.

This script will intiate a self introspection discussion by an African so as to inform future debates and courses of action.

The Enablers

The woes Africa face is a result of some Africans who have practically enabled the unholy alliences and activities to take place.

We must start by going back through memory lane to the greatest sin / crime against humanity, the slave trade could not have been successful without Africa conspiring with the perpetrators.

Africans raided for slaves often in connivance with local chiefs and also acted as middlemen with European and Arab purchasers.

If Africa was not responsible in the raiding and selling of their kinsmen, slave trade could not have been as successful and atrocious as it became.

Current Slave Trade

Slave trade is still existing in 2023. It has been modified and professionalised and now it is done clandestinely that it usually escapes the average thinking minds.

Right now Africans are not raided and sold to European and Arabs purchasers as used to be done 1000 years ago.

The slave buyers of our era are sophisticated than of yester-year.

Slave buyers of nowdays connive with current authority in Africa to plunder natural resources on the continent and take them in their raw form to their continents.

An artificial shortage of employment is created since the value addition on the natural resources is not done locally.

Africans are forced by situations created by the authority beings to fly and seek employment overseas.

The difference being that, the slave buyers of today are not involved directly in the profits generated through transaction of slaves as used to be done.

The slave purchasers in connivance with African powerful authorities create the basis or an environment of how Africans without physical force, freely go outside their countries to be enslaved there.

Then, there is need to explain how slave trade used to be done so as for the reader to grasp the essance of the script.

How Was Slave Trade Conducted?

The script will pay attention to Transatlantic slave trade.

Slave trade in the transatlantic region involved trading patterns which were established as early as the mid-17th century.

Trading ships from Europe with cargo of manufactured goods came to the west coast of Africa.

There, these goods would be traded, over weeks and months, for captured people provided by African traders.

European traders found it easier to do business with African intermediaries who raided settlements far away from the African coast and brought those young and healthy enough to the coast to be sold into slavery.

Slave Trade Today Explained!

The West and East no longer have resources and they depend on Africa for resources to feed their industries.

They make sure that Africa’s industry remain undeveloped so that theirs remain functional.

Right now Cargoes of arms and ammunition are brought to Africa in exchange of resources.

Processed goods also came to Africa and normally are be beyond the reach of many, in terms of affordability.

Unemployed Africans are unconsciously forced to look for employment somewhere as to meet the rising cost of living and they naturally end up scattered all over the world.

The slavery is in terms of wages which is enough to survive but not enough to sustain them for life.

Most of Africans in diaspora will work themselves to death, with some working 3 or 4 shifts a day to feed extended families.

Competition for jobs in the developed countries is created through bottle neck visa applications.

The visa application process is expensive and tiresome.

Resultantly Africans working outside the continent appreciates the little they are given as remuneration and slavery working conditions but without complaints as the slavery environment there is better than home without food.

Today’s slave trade is consensual, nevertheless, it is still slave trade.

Why Africa Is To Be Blamed

It is common knowledge that each continent is pro its own and no human is really concerned about others.

The developed world will till eternity be preoccupied with benefiting be it in resources or labour and Africans should woke up from their slumber and start defending their own.

Africans are used against fellow Africans for the benefit of other worlds.

Besides the antient slavery, the contemporary slave trade which is too disguised benefits those continents with technological resources.

Africans labourers in the developed world besides using their intelligence to develop those countries, they are heavily taxed and usually work in less influential positions consumerate with their experience.

Wars, civil unrest, sanctions are some of the ways Africans are on each brother’s throat whilst the enemy is busy looting resources.

Africans are used for conflict with other Africans, most of the disturbances existing on continent Africa is a result of outside Africa creation.

The enabler syndrome should be dealt with once and for good so that Africa become prosperous.

It is imparative that the writer give insights of how Africa can arrest the Enabler effect

What Africa Should Do

Love and unity might appear philosophical and abstract but when Africans become united and love each other unconditionally, the continent will become successful and unconquerable.

SADC, AU, COMESA and other African regional bodies should be holistic in approach to issues pertaining the continent.

Their policy formulation should be encompassing of the least man on the continent. When policies are pro-poor, then everyone in the continent is guranteed of prosperity.

Strict measures should be taken against violations of signed pacts or non conformity to regulations.

Africa should agree on how to universally safeguard natural resources in the continent and any country that deviate to be dealt with accordingly.

Natural resources should be processed in Africa and only finished products should be exported; if African continent reach this level of unity then development will be achieved in short strides.

Africa should stop handling incidents that affect the continent in isolation but as a sum of it all.

Contingency planning might be needed to handle immediate situations but should be done according to an agreed framework.

Acts of espionage, corruption, dictatorship should be desicively dealt within reasonable time.

The enabler will not survive in a united continent were there is love and each country is another’s keeper.

Neo-colonialism, slavery and capitalism enablers are the root cause of African problems

Stern action should be taken against the enablers so that Africa can make huge strides towards development.

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