Morality voices throughout the world are encouraged to synergise efforts on the Age of Consent & Sexual Reproductive Health #Best Interest of the Child (SRH #BIC) Movement Petition to ensure global laws and policies support the family building value of sexual relations within marriage to restore societal peace and order.

Men of Valour, Purpose and Vision (MVPV), together with Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI), applauds the SMILE Foundation, and its Age of Consent & Sexual Reproductive Health #Best Interest of the Child (SRH #BIC) petition’s eagle-eyed focus in identifying the fundamental gap in the failure of laws and policies to recognise the family strengthening principle of sexual relations within marriage principle as a fundamental “best interest of the child” which is necessary to the realisation of Zimbabwe’s constitutional objectives 8(1), 25 section 29 (1) and SDG#3. 

In a joint Friday press statement, they stated that they are motivated to play their part as proponents of genuine masculinity in men and emancipation of the neglected boychild worldwide to build functional families based on foundational godly values that prioritise marriage, the family unit, universally accepted principles that honour and uphold the sanctity of marriage and build families, including the value “sex relations within marriage”, where the safety of children is guaranteed.

“We qualify the petitions observation that the age of consent to sexual relations is indeed ‘essentially an age of consent to sexual relations outside of marriage’, consequently authorising sex outside of marriage”, the statement reads.

With the normalcy of sex outside of marriage, social vices which naturally come with sex outside of marriage such as heartbreaks, suicide, mental health challenges, drug abuse, teenage parenting, divorce, child abuse, gender-based violence, pornography, bitterness among others become a whirlwind of social chaos in the communities.

The press statement went on to say, “Massive local and global awareness raised on the age of consent concept, alongside promotion of other Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), coupled with vast pornography set a highly sexualized atmosphere with anticipation to have sexual relations by the set ‘age of consent outside of marriage’, children do not even wait to reach the age”.  

With the human brain development below the age of 25, being naturally inclined to pleasure seeking rather than problem solving the culture produces morally weak, emotionally unstable and psychologically ill-prepared young adults from whom prospects of strong families and stable marriages are destroyed during these formative and transitional years to adulthood.  

“Noting the need to strengthen all efforts to mitigate the social destruction associated with sexual relations outside of marriage to be essential in creating an environment that enables the protection, restoration, rehabilitation and healing for men and boychild we serve; we are deeply concerned at the rampant abuse and trauma that many of our sons and our daughters continue to be exposed to through the subtle destruction brought by the SRHR monopoly in making contraceptives widely available, lobbying for abortion, LGBTIQ and sex outside of marriage as acceptable legal rights”, the statement said .  

Cognizant of the pressure exerted on governments and societies worldwide to accept these sexual reproductive health rights which are fast-pacing the deterioration of cultural norms and moral fabric intentionally weakening the family unit, yet sympathising with the extreme state of sickness society developed over the past six to eight decades under the SRHR monopoly’s subtle deception that saw society abandoning morality, blindly opting for the increasing social vices we agree with the petition’s recommendation  

  • For the complete removal of the “age of consent to sexual relations” from the Zimbabwe’s Criminal Code and its replacement with the age of marriage (for use in the definition of statutory rape) hence the inevitable need to immediately synchronize laws and policies with the sex within marriage principle &
  • Of the proposed replacement of the SRHR framework with the alternative SRH #BIC policy, available as a national and a general policy template, for the graceful sexual rehabilitation needed to holistically restore the family unit community by community.

Especially for the sake of our children who are continually exposed to sexual manipulation and abuse in the wake of the SRHR monopoly’s persistent, blatant and stubborn advances, we encourage morality voices from across the globe, whose voices over the past decades have been scattered, drowned and even stifled, to join us and use Zimbabwe’s petition as a template and synergize efforts in lobbying for the same in their countries, said the press statement.

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