INDIA Indianapolis woman has been arrested for allegedly injuring a baby while attempting to stab a dog.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) responded to a call concerning an incident of violence on Tuesday night at the Days Inn Hotel.

Upon arrival, IMPD officers discovered that a one-year-old girl had sustained a stab wound on the neck.

The suspect, Sharon Key, who was attempting to hide near some bushes outside the hotel premises was arrested.

Key, 32, the child’s aunt, was arrested for criminal recklessness in connection with the incident.

In her defende, Key claimed that the stabbing had occurred unintentionally.

Key informed the police that her family had visited a Burger King restaurant and bought some food and had then returned to their hotel room.

She went on to say that her dog, a pit bull, had eaten her chicken sandwich.

She then pursued the dog around the room while brandishing a knife when the dog leaped onto the bed where her niece was resting, leading to Key allegedly inadvertently injuring the child instead of the dog.

Key allegedly stabbed her niece while attempting to hurt a dog.

Following the incident, the child’s mother, who was also in the hotel room at the time, called 911.

The child was taken to Riley Children’s Hospital and received treatment, including several stitches to her ear and neck.

The child is reported to be in stable condition.

“I want her to be accountable for this.

My granddaughter will be scarred for the rest of her life,” Griffin Murton said, the grandfather to the victim.

“It’s stupid, and at the same time she’s a grown-up,” Griffin said.

Key has been in and out of prison since 2013, according to records.

According to her family members, Key has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction in addition to mental health issues.

They said that they wish the city would assist those in need instead of repeatedly sending offenders to prison.

Key has been in and out of prison over the years.

Indiana Department of Corrections records show she has been incarcerated for battery multiple times since 2013, most recently in 2021.

The records show her projected release date was July 3, 2023; less than three months ago.

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