Tipei kodzero sevanasikana; Seiko; Rufu; Mavanga; Murudo and Ramangwana, the six pack forms ‘Bwadzira’ the title of yet to be released anthology.

Bwadzira / Ugugu or Hwadzira is shona word which refers to the uncomfortable teeth sensitivity normally experienced after eating certain fruits or food.

The title of the anthology gives away to the uncomfortability to be experienced as ‘Bwadzira’ seeks to ruffle the status quo through the well polished piece of artwork.

This writer had the chance to listen to ‘Tipei kodzero sevanasikana’, a well polished act which seek to voice the concern of the usually marginalised girl child issues.

The poet, Fidelis Jinjika ferociously points out what the society considers as the norm even at gathering were the girl child do the cooking, but is the last to eat and usually the food is not enough.

‘Jayaguru’, is the stage name of the poet behind ‘Bwadzira’ who mostly do educative and motivational poems.

“I get inspiration from day to day activities that happen in my community”, Jayaguru said.

He said that his motivation is in promoting positive change to the lives of people and this keep him writing and performing poems.

However, the young poet bemoaned lack of financial support as the greatest challenge.

He went on to say that the society generally do not recognise poetry and lack of appreciate sometimes it demotivate the zeal to do more.

The lack of support from the Ministry of sports Arts and culture was also cited as the cause of little growth in the spoken word and art industry.

‘Bwadzira’ is going to be Jayaguru’s first published anthology.

He had done several singles and the popular one with audience being “Mukondombera”.

Jayaguru envisages to be an arts promoter.

On a separate note, Jayaguru is working on “The Victim”.

‘The Victim’, a program meant for people who are and have been victimised in any way.

The victims include people who are heartbroken, who are psychologically suffering and those being abused.

On this program he partnered with Apostle Panashe Chenga, the CEO of ama 2k family.

The victim programme was necessitated with the current increase of suicidal cases being reported almost every week in Nyika.

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