Christmas is an exhibition of love, the love is revealed through receiving, giving and sharing.

The biblical symbolism of love is celebrated every year during Christmas, Christians appreciate God’s love which he exhibited through giving the World his only beloved son.

Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on the 25th day of December every year, which is known as the Christmas Day.

High spending on expensive goods, travelling and holidaying are some of the activities done by the rich during the Christmas holiday.

The poor cannot afford new toys or clothes, nor do they normally expect them.

Food is what make Christmas special to the less privileged.

Some may take food as something basic but a loaf of bread is everything that is need to bring a smile and joy to the face of those who lack on a special day as Christmas.

Eggs or peanut butter to accompany the bread will be a bonus.

Fresh milk for the tea will be bought so that the tea will be ‘heavy’ (in the street linquo) just for the day.

Christmas has been regarded as a feast of the poor in several closed and open circles.

To the less privileged, Christmas is a day to feast on love as their eat the little they have with so much joy and share with others at their level and even well off.

Since love is symbiotic of giving, most people give what they have to others irrespective of economic standing.

The poor, due to their lack find it joy to give only once a year when they share their hardly earned resources (food) with others.

It is worthwhile to note that though Christmas is a feast of love for the poor, it have been proven as the most difficult day as they have to plan and think of the day from 26th of December up to 25th of December next year.

The trouble will be as in what special meal to cook for the family and what clothes to dress up the family, of which they are rarely dressed with new clothes but with cheap second hand ones.

It is difficult to plan in advance for gifts as the poor will not be aware if they are going to receive any presents.

Even in their lack, the poor will share the slice of bread with guests and will spare a smile for everyone during the feast of love.

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