Communications and communication have been used interchangeably, the words look similar and sound the same but their meanings are different.

Academicians, professional communicators and most of the people ignore the ‘s’, but the letter means a lot of whole things and cannot be ignored just like that.

For the purpose of the letter ‘s’ or the absence of it in communication, the write up will centre on how the letter change the meaning, explain the difference in meanings and also discuss how to correct the misnomer in communication discourse.

Simply defined, communication is about the humans you want to reach, while communications is more about your brand.

Understanding the difference can help organisations fine-tune their communication needs through hired talent or professional development, and also help individuals to become better communicators.

Communication, as a mass noun, is the exchange of information.

This is the most common use of communication.

Communications, treated as a singular, refers to technology that enables communication or a field of study and artistic activity.

Communication is the strategy and creativity and entails the planning and managing that takes place first, and then communications are employed to put across the formulated messages.

It is something that we do on a daily basis.

Examples of communication can include face-to-face discussion, emails, facial expressions, videos, and as well as presentations.

Communication is important for success in the workplace through networking and effective communication of ideas.

It is the distribution of messages. It is technical term which defines the act of mass communications.

Communications focus on the methods and channels selected for transmitting the message.

Communications also refers to the distribution of messages.

It incorporates things such as radio transmissions and technology.

Always check for “s” in communication
The ‘s’ should make a huge difference when you seek to enlist the services of professional communicators.

It should be communication department or communication company when it is about strategic communication business.

If it is communications, then it is more of marketing entity or publicity personnel as concern is behind the mode of communication.

In future, when you come across a job advert that reads, “The candidate must possess good spoken and written communications skills”, remember to remind them to spruce up their own communication skills.

It is not too late for communication practitioners and business organisations that are in the communication industry to drop the letter ‘s’ and be more professional as they should be.

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