In an X (Twitter) thread, a French journalist Karim Bennani explains how Thierry Henry, a soccer legend helped to launch his career in journalism.

Bennani stated that, “In 2006, I had been an intern for four days at Radio Monte-Carlo (RMC).

Thierry Henry was in Paris to announce his new boot sponsor.

My bosses said to me, If you succeed in getting Henry to appear on Luis Fernandez’s show, you are a genius”.

Bennani’s bosses were laughing, thinking that he would never succeed especially since Henry had not spoken to the media for a while.

The journalist went to the site were the announcement was going to take place and at the end of Henry’s announcement for his new equipment supplier, Bennani managed to speak to the soccer legend.

“I slip discreetly behind the stage. As he passes, I grab Henry by the arm, and he glares at me.

I feel like I can only say one sentence to try to get him.

I tell him, “I’m an intern, if you pick up this phone, you can change my life”, Bennani explained.

Henry replied in the affirmative by saying, “Really? OK, give it!”

The exchanged contact details as Henry agrees to appear on the show for 30 minutes.

Henry also said that, “I hope this will help you in your career, my little one.”

And true to Henry’s wishes, Bennani never remained the same againd.

“Thanks to him, I got a fixed-term contract at RMC the next day”, said Bennani.

When the two recently met again at Amazon a few months ago, Henry explained to the journalist that he had accepted because Bennani had some nerve.

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