Social media has now become part and parcel of professional communication in business circles.

Some of the advantages of using social media handles such as facebook, is the provision of having a live broadcast to clients or probable clients and the option of feedback which can be harvested in real time.

However, some individuals or groups are still using social media handles for clout and clamour.

This piece will not chronicle the pros and cons of using social media in daily lives of people but will herald real live events so that the reader is in informed.

“We are saying no to you, no to drugs, no to anything that come trying to mislead us”, a visibly agitated Mutarisi rebuked Passion Java.

This was a response to Java, a self proclaimed prophet and comedian who had posted a video earlier on which instigatated that Tinashe Mutarisi was fighting the government of Zimbabwe.

Electricity goes everywhere, even here in America and in London as a country, Java said missing that London is a mere city.

In the previous week, Mutarisi had gone live on facebook beamoning on an extended electrical fault in area surrounding his workshop as it was killing business in the light industry.

In the viral video, Java suggested that Mutarisi was a thief who had set his paint manufacturing business on fire so as to claim insurance money and was bitter since he was not paid.

Facebook has been literally reduced to war zone, as Mutarisi also returned fire through the same platform.

In a seemingly suggestive video, Mutarisi questioned Java’s source of wealth besides posting videos with fake designer clothes online in front of a house.

“Passion Java, you are killing the country, people want to follow people who have track record, people who are doing something to Zimbabwe”, Mutarisi said.

Viewers were left wondering if Java was involved in drug trafficking since he had no track record of any business he had established besides his seemingly wealthy.

“When the country is facing challenges such as drug abuse, do not run ahead of the people misleading the youth”, Mutarisi added on.

Zimbabwe as of late have been fighting increased drug abuse among citizens and no drug lord of note has been arrested yet.

“Passion Java called me yesterday in the company of Mudiwa claiming and lying that he was sent by higher authorities to campaign against me and my business.

It is a lie as no one has authorised or send them and it is simply their attention-seeking behavior”, said Mutarisi.

Passion Java has been seen in the presence of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the recent being during political campaign to the held 2023 elections.

During the campaign, Java was courted with controversy as he publicly called for thieves and prostitutes to rally behind Mnangagwa.

Mutarisi went on to say, “It is not the system that is fighting against me, but rather him and his vain friends who fail to comprehend why people still support and admire me without having to boast like they do.

They attempted to befriend me, but I declined to join their destructive cliques that aim to undermine the values of our nation”.

Java is publicly know for his taste for expensive fashion and cars and usually post every new purchase on his social media handles.

Unfortunately, no source of his perceived wealth is known serve for flaunting wealth and sometimes throwing money like confetti to his followers.

In the court of public opinion, people have associated Java’s wealth to underhand dealings, with drugs not being ruled out.

“They have always desired a direct confrontation with me, despite my pleas for them to leave me alone.

Unfortunately, they have continuously attacked both me and my business without any valid reason”, Mutarisi went on to say.

Java who seems to thrive on controversy, some few months back was captured on camera wearing state security uniform which is punishable by law.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police even publicly announced that it was investigating a viral video on social media were an unknown male adult was filmed wearing a policewoman headgear.

It seems the investigation is still ongoing as no feedback has been publicly announced so far.

Where Java seems to get his perceived authority and power is still unbeknownst to Zimbabweans.

Mutarisi revealed that, “Their actions stem from jealousy, as they are unable to attain the love and respect from the people of Zimbabwe that I effortlessly receive.

I am grateful to the people of Zimbabwe for their unwavering support, which has become a powerful shield against these haters”.

People are anxious to see how the social media outbursts will lead into, basing on the comment section opinions.

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