Popular and gifted hip hop artist, Holy Ten endorsed President ED Mnangagwa for the elections slated for 23 August.

In a viral social media video, the artist was caught on camera glorifying the leadership of Mnangagwa.

There was backlash from fans and critics as they perceived the endorsement was out of order whilst some viewed that it was his right to support a leader of his choice and truely it is his constitutional right to vote and support a candidature of choice.

Although Holy Ten is a self confessed law school drop out, the video which has gone viral is a testimony that the young artist surely passed through law school.

The embodiment of legal knowledge is on the wall, he is aware of his freedom to support leaders of choice.

Holy Ten had been quoting controversy as of late, in January the college dropout attracted a lot of negative comments across social media platforms after he commented on the politicisation of his song with Winky D, Ibotso.

Holy Ten tweeted that, “Please do not inject politics in a project that I have been proud to be part of.”

He went on to add, “I regret it now, honestly.”

He received a lot of backlash for ditching Winky D who is conceived to be the speaker of truth to power and voice of the marginalised.

This time around Holy Ten praises the work of Mnangagwa at Beitbridge boarder post and at the national airport.

He received criticism for emulating development when 95 percent of the population are not employed and the youths which he purports to represent have never been at the boarder post or visited the airport due to lack.

In the video Holy Ten, real name Mukudzei Chitsama, is seen applauding these projects.

“Hoyoo, Holy Ten leader of the youths, speaker of the truth, and I am proud of my country Zimbabwe,” he said.

“Over the weekend, we where in Beitbridge, and we have seen the development that is being done at the border post.

It is totally out of this world. We have been in and out of the airport, things are changing.

I want to tell you something, there is money that has been availed under the drug and substance abuse mitigation fund.

This is for the youth, this is the change. So, I want to thank the comrade himself, President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

We are supporting you, we are with you the President of the people”, said Holy Ten.

Previously there were mixed feelings on social media as people reacted to the alleged neglect by Holy Ten to his out of wedlock child.

This followed Tariro Chelsea Hlomayi the alleged mother having revealed on social media that Holy Ten was not taking responsibility on his child.

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