Thousands of people in and around Harare braved the heat (both climatic and political) as they gathered for Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa’s speech at ‘Freedom Square’ in Harare yesterday.

The rally dupped ‘Game Over’, a football clique which marks the end of a match speaks much to the confidence of the young and charismatic leader to tustle power from the incumbent, President Emmerson Manangagwa through the plebiscite slated for tommorrow.

The absence of buses at ‘Freedom Square’ to carry people to and from the rally was too glaring to ignore as compared to ZANU PF rallies were buses were used to pick people from all the ten provinces of the country to where the rally will be held.

ZANU PF has been accused of bussing people to rallies and enticing them with food, drinks and seed so as to have huge turnouts.

The people in yellow regalia, which is the part dominant colour for CCC have to part with their hard earned money to purchase the regalia whereas ZANU PF made sure that every supporter was kitted before the rally.

Chamisa said, “God has remembered Zimbabwe. Congratulations Zimbabwe. God’s plan will never fail. I have already started formulating my Cabinet.”

Chamisa exuded confidence as he promised his supporters to win the elections by telling them yesterday that he has already begun selecting his Cabinet.

“There is no way we will not win. Some people think there is going to be a repeat of 2018. Not this time.

We are not donor-funded. We are funded by the citizens. We will not accept failure by (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) ZEC to fix V11s on polling stations.

We have managed to provide polling agents to all the 12 374 polling stations”, said Chamisa euphorically.

Party supporters were encouraged to remain at polling stations outside the prohibited 300 metre radius so as to guard against perceived electoral theft.

Chamisa told the supporters that he had briefed all the observer missions about ZANU PF’s dirty tactics in connivance with ZEC to rig the election.

Chamisa told the gathering that he had people in the state and everywhere who informs him of what ZANU PF’s administration is doing.

“We have infiltrated in their shenanigans. We have infiltrated the Central Intelligence Organisation, the army, the police, everywhere,” he said.

He went on to say that Mnangagwa was “scared” of the elections, as he accused him of gerrymandering constituencies and wards boundaries and as we as imposing double candidates on CCC.

Chamisa said when he wins, he would not strip Mnangagwa as a former head of state but promised to give him his work benefits and consult him if need be.

“To my brother Mr Mnangagwa, I will not strip you of your title as the former president. We are not going to be retributive.

We will let bygones be bygones. Where you can help, you can.

“We need to unite and share ideas for the progress of our nation. Those who support Zanu PF, it’s not about political affiliation.

Go and vote for your future. Go and vote for jobs for a better economy”, said Chamisa.

The rally was the final before Zimbabwe embark on elections on the 23rd of Augustvthis year.

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