Born 4 years ago to a now 21 years old cow (NM0327), “Noble Junior” weighs 1 000kgs (1 tonne) and looks older than its age.

The ‘beast’ has an asking price of US $50 000 which is non negotiable.

LBB 1923 “Noble Junior”, is a brahaman bull owned by Little Beatrice Brahamans Stud which went operational in 2015.

The sire (father) MR V8 458/7 of “Noble Junior” is of American origin.

The genealogy of breeding cattle is so crucial so that would be buyers knows the lifeline of cattle they buy.

The physical appearance of “Noble Junior” is so threatening that little children felt intimidated and could not stand near the animal.

“Noble Junior”

Several agriculture fans literally fought for space to be photographed with “Noble Junior”.

Morgan Sibanda the owner of Little Beatrice Brahamans Stud ventured into cattle breeding in 2015 diversifying from construction industry, being the founder of the well known Inyathi construction company.

Intially, Sibanda imported 3 in 1 cows from South Africa.

In cattle breeding when they say 3 in 1 they refer to an expecting cow and a calf loosely translated they will be referring to the cow, the unborn calf and another calf.

In a short period of time, Sibanda turned Little Beatrice Brahamans Stud into a world class animal breeding farm.

Little Beatrice Brahamans Stud now boast of more than 200 cattle which include heifers, dams and sires.

Talking to this publication during the ongoing agriculture show, Nelson Bechani an employee said that, “Brahamans are the easiest breed of cattle to breed as they are not easily affected by diseases.

They adapt quickly to medication and treatment.

There is no much differnce between our Zimbabwean cattle and brahamans”.

The farm get their stock feed from National Food.

“The cattle are into mixed feed practice that is free range and surplus supply.

But when they are in a closed or confined environment like at this agriculture show, we normally give them 15kgs feed per day”, said Bechani.

Little Beatrice Brahamans Stud yesterday banged an award for the best cattle breeder exhibiting at the Harare Agriculture Show.

Morgan Sibanda receiving a trophy from President Elect, Emmerson Mnangagwa

Morgan Sibanda received the award from President Elect, Emmerson Mnangagwa on behalf of Little Beatrice Brahamans Stud.

Sibanda showing off his won trophy

Bechani appreciated Zimbabwe Agriculture Society and Mnangagwa for bestowing them with honour.

He said that the trophy will motivate them to achieve more and he promised to come back in 2024 even better.

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