Tobias Pedzisai a 34 years old Constable in the Zimbabwe Republic Police stationed at ZRP Siakobvu has been arrested for Unlawful Entry into Premises as defined in Section 131 of the Criminal Law Codification and reform Act Chapter 09:23.

A police internal communication alleges that, the constable used an unknown object possibly a crowbar to try and remove a safe which was mounted on the wall but failed.

He then forcibly broke the safe and managed to access cash through the bottom end of the safe and stole US $22 400-00 .

Constable Pedzisai failed to access $1 600-00 which was recovered in the safe.

The complainant to the case, Lloyd Ndhuli is a clearing agent at Revo Space Clearing company which clears trucks passing at Chirundu One Stop Border Post.

By nature of his duties, Ndhuli keeps large sums of money in a small mounted safe in his office which is housed at a Revo Space complex which also houses various clearing companies.

On 3rd March 2024 at around 0100 hours, complainant knocked off duty and secured his office by locking the door, leaving everything intact including the safe containing US$ 24 000.

On the same day at around 0600 hours, complainant returned to the office where he l noticed that the window was opened. He then checked around and discovered that his safe which is mounted on the wall had been barged and a sum of US$ 22 400-00 was missing.

Investigations by police from both CID Chirundu and ZRP Chirundu revealed that,
the accused policeman got access to the office by climbing over roof of a neighbouring shop where he opened a window which was not properly secured thereby gaining entry into the office.

The accused stole mini CCTV which was installed on the office table. However, he had already been captured.

During investigations Detectives managed to identify the accused person through the CCTV footage.

On 9 April 2024, a team of detectives arrested the accused person in Karoi. Searches were carried in the house and the following were recovered÷

A receipt from Karoi Town Council suggesting that the accused bought stand number 3777 Petergrout, Karoi on 14 March 2024 for US$3 600-00.

Receipt suggesting that accused had bought building material for US$371-00 on 18 March 2024 and was yet to collect the material.

Confirmation that on 18 March 2024, accused bought a motor cycle (particulars not available) for US$1 300-00.The accused is leading the team to Siakobvu to recover the motor cycle.

Total value stolen is US$22 400-00 and proceeds worth $5 271-00 were recovered.

Matter is being investigated under ZRP Chirundu CR 04/03/24 and CID Chirundu DR 15/03/24.

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