Sergeant Lovemore Chigama stationed at ZRP Mukumbura and Zivanai Chitembo of Makomo Extension, Harare were recently arrested in Mt Darwin for being found in possession of a pangolin.

On 08 May 2024, Tatenda Gangarabwe, an official of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation received information to the effect that there was someone in Rushinga selling a Pangolin.

Gangarabwe, on the 9th of May communicated with the accused persons using the informer’s cell phone pretending to be a Pangolin buyer.

They agreed to meet at Karanda Mission Hospital turn off at around 1100 hours.

The accused persons supplied Gangarabwe with the Registration number of their vehicle as AFL 3232, a Honda  Air wave Silver in colour belonging to Chitembo.

Gangarabwe teamed up with two detectives from MFFU MT Darwin and an official from Parks and Wildlife Guruve and proceeded to the meeting place.

Upon arrival, they saw the supplied vehicle already parked by the road side.

Gangarabwe parked his vehicle opposite the accused`s vehicle and proceeded to meet the accused persons whilst under surveillance of the backup team which was a few metres away.

The pangolin was being sold at US$5 000-00 of which Gangarabwe refused to reach a consensus price without physically inspecting the pangolin.

The trio went for about 30 meters away from where they had parked and the accused persons showed Gangarabwe a brown sack containing the pangolin.

The surveillance team swiftly reacted and arrested the accused persons.

Gangarabwe positively identified the Exhibit as a live male Pangolin which is a protected species under the Parks and Wildlife Act. 

The Pangolin was taken to Mt Darwin Post office where it was weighed and weighed 8.4 kilograms.

The value of the pangolin is US$5000-00.

An indemnity form was issued to Parks and Wildlife Authority officials for safe keeping

The case is being investigated under ZRP Mt Darwin CR 26/05/24 and the accused persons have been intially remanded in custody.

By Tsikdem

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