In an exclusive interview with this publication recently, Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) Councillor for Ward 24 Rushinga; Admire Mupemhi laid bare how he intends to transform Rushinga into town status by 2028.

“Yes it is achievable and nothing can stop us, we are the people and by 2028 will be talking of Rushinga Town Board”, the energetic councillor confidently shared his vision.

Councillor Muphemi was recently elected into office through breaking history by becoming the first opposition politician to wrestle power from ZANU- PF’s 43 years dominance and control of Rushinga’s urban centre.

Rushinga is run by Rushinga Rural District Council and is found in Mashonaland Central Province and it is ZANU PF political party’s stronghold.

CCC’s take over of Rushinga Ward can be a testimony of how the rural people are warming up to change and how they might be getting tired of ZANU PF rule.

The young and charismatic councillor appreciated team work of CCC and its supporters as the secret behind them winning ward 24.

“I appreciate the work done by my predecessor, Cuthbert Mutero who contested for the same ward in 2018 harmonised elections and narrowly missed to ZANU PF with 6 votes”, Councillor Muphemi said.

He went on to say that, “My work was made easier by those who cleared the road before me”.

Councillor Muphemi revealed that his tenure will be premised on a peace and tolerance governance.

He stated that for real development to take place, there is need for a peaceful environment, hence the preaching of peace discourse always.

You can watch the full interview here

“Rushinga has some mines and some are coming, I implore mine owners to recruit workers based on merit and not political party affiliation as it was the case before”, said Councillor Muphemi.

Council Mupemhi plans to work with Rushinga Rural District Council’s Physical Planning Department to create beautiful aesthetics of the future town by having low density surbubs along the highway.

He points out that, the houses will captivate visitors as they arrive into Rushinga, besides beautification the houses will appeal to visitors to invest in the locality.

Water shortages are perennial in Rushinga and the manual boreholes which assist when there is no tapped water are also instantly breaking down due to over use.

“The community will self fund two solar powered boreholes and then the others to be outsourced from donors” Councillor Mupemhi revealed how he is going to address the water challenge.

Rushinga Clinic which the councillor said receives more patients than Chamhanda Hospital located about 30 kilometres away, has no water.

Councillor Muphemi said, “The clinic is a community on its own, I challenge the Government of Zimbabwe to erect a solar powered borehole so that patients and staff can have access to clean and safe drinking water.”

Arrangements are currently being done through the stewardship of the councillor to connect the clinic to the new water line.

The councillor intends to have roads between shops in Rushinga CBD tarred and having robots erracted so as to tame the traffic jam before the end of his tenure.

Councillor Muphemi shared his vision of seeking funders to fund projects such as community garden and goat scheme so that people can enhance their livelihoods.

The councillor also highlighted that besides being the only opposition councillor in Rushinga Rural District Council, the council business was being done peacefully without any political confrontations.

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