A 43 year old Marondera man is battling for life in a Harare hospital after his penis was cut off by his 24 year old girlfriend on the 6th of September this year in Marondera.

In a police internal communication from District Victim Friendly Unit (DVFU) Marondera to Provincial Victim Friendly Unit (PVFU), the accused person is being charged with Domestic Violence Act (DVA) related attempted murder as defined in Section 189 as read with Section 47 of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act (Chapter 9:23).

The accused and complainant were in a love relationship and their names though provided will not be published for ethical reasons.

The police memorandum states that on the day in question, the complaint who is the boyfriend invited the accused to his place of residence in Marondera for a sleep over.

The girlfriend went to his boyfriend’s house at around 2200 hours and they had sex once before they retired to bed.

The following day, the 7th of September, the boyfriend woke up and started talking with another girlfriend at about 0300 hours over the phone.

This infuriated the sleep in girlfriend but she did not show her anger to the complainant.

She quietly took a broken mirror which was on a table besides the bed and hide it in the blankets.

The accused person went on to caress her boyfriend as if she wanted to have sex.

When the complainant’s penis was hard and erect, the accused person took the mirror and cut off the penis.

The complainant picked his penis and put it in his pocket and the two using complainant’s vehicle went to Marondera Rural Police Station where a police report was filed.

The case was reported under Marondera Rural RRB 5568760.

The accused person was detained under Marondera Central DB 1739/23.

The complaint was taken to Marondera Hospital where he was referred to Harare for further management.

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