MASVINGO 19 year old upcoming spoken word artist using stage name Jayaguru is a lad to watch in the showbiz industry.

Real name Fidelis Jinjika, hails from Masvingo and he completed his Advanced Level in 2022.

Jayaguru is a son to Andrew Jinjika and Enita Tambaoga.

He is a second born child of the the three children of his parents and the only son.

Jayagura said that, “I attended Rujeko Primary School in Masvingo and I went on to Ndarama High School for Ordinary level and finally went on to Gwindingwi High School in Nyika for Advanced Level.

“In 2020, on Zimbabwe Independence Day, I performed for the first time.

The poem was titled, ‘Ngatimboita mhemberero‘, I did not write it down, it was just a freestyle” said Jayaguru.

After the performance he posted the video on his WhatsApp status.

He said, “When I posted the video on my status, the video started to circulate on social media platforms and people who knew me started to hit my inbox complementing the peformance and that gave memotivation to pursue poetry seriously”.

Jayaguru never turned back on poetry since the independence day of 2020.

The lad draws his inspiration from Mambo Guramatunhu, a prolific spoken word artist.

The lad from Masvingo will not be limited even by the sky.

Jayaguru said that in the near future, he will be a great spoken word artist, human rights activist and will establish an Arts center.

The Arts centre will play a supportive role to the preservation of Zimbabwean culture and it will be a hub where upcoming artists will be showcasing their talent.

“I would like to thank my fans for the love, support and motivation they give me and I would encourage them to keep on following me since I have something big coming up for them”, said Jayaguru.

The highest stage which he had performed on was Mzee Bira which was held in Nyika in July this year.

His poems are inspired by day to day events that happen in the society which include social and cultural issues.

Jayaguru has written several poems but he does not have published work yet.

Jayaguru urged the government to continue supporting poetry as it is one of the weapon that fights cultural erosion and dilution by other cultures.

Jayaguru extended his appreciation to his family for the support.

“They are morally supportive as they motivate and encourage me all the times.

They also give me the little money they have especially when I will be traveling long distances for performance”, Jayaguru said.

However the young lad bemoaned lack of sponsorship for the poetry sector and Arts industry in general as it kills the zeal.

Sometimes he lack the finance for logistical purposes to attend and perform at certain events.

Jayaguru mentioned lack of support from the society as most of the times he suffers from lack of events where he can showcase his talent.

This point out to the fact that there is no livelihood in poetry.

Besides poetry, Jayaguru is a keybordist and vocal trainer.

Jayaguru at a certain time performed an imprompt performance at her sister’s wedding after he was asked to perform and people were left in stitches.

“I performed a poem called Murudo naChido“, Jayaguru said.

From that peformance, Jayaguru said, “I started to do wedding dedications”.

His work is available on his YouTube account, Fidelis jinjika and on facebook as Nyanduri Jayaguru.

Jayaguru is conducted on +263 786 766 324.

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