Several incidents of bullying with some leading to deaths and suicides in school have been reported locally and regionally.

Sean’s case might be a different as it happens outside the confines of the school premises but in the open streets but it still remain bullying.

The teenage who resides in the streets of Harare Central Business District narrates how risky the streets are for the street children.

“Some older children forcifully take away our food and money we could have received from well wishers”, Sean said.

The homeless children survive on donations from good samaritans and begging in the streets.


The older homeless children will go to the young ones and forcibly took their possessions.

Sean went on to say, “If you resist sometimes you can be threatened by knives”.

The older homeless children bully the younger ones into submission to give up be it food, clothers or money.

Sean is seeking for assistance for accomodation so that he can vacate the unsafe streets to somewhere more decent.

“I am appealing for anyone who can offer accomodation or pay rental money in areas such as Epworth which are relatively cheap”, said Sean.

Food,clothes and shelter which are the basic needs are the major lack for the street children which make them compete for the little aveiled them.

Sean is found in Harare CBD corner Mbuya Nehanda and Albion streets next to D’A Service Station.

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