Young women are invited to participate in a learning pathway that can result in an exciting working experience in a Zimbabwean company

UNICEF, alongside its partners Goodwall, Yoma and Generation Unlimited, and with financial support from the Governments of Austria and the Netherlands, announced today the launch of the FairChance pilot programme.

This groundbreaking initiative, primarily hosted on the Goodwall app, aims to upskill and boost competencies of marginalised young women in Zimbabwe to access decent job opportunities and thrive in today’s competitive world of work, through an engaging and motivational learning pathway which can lead to an exciting working experience in an Zimbabwean company.

Through this learning pathway, young women will be invited to participate in four challenges on the Goodwall app, meant to train and test them on key life skills such as self-confidence, creativity, critical thinking, leadership, plus one industry immersion challenge. 

“The primary objective of FairChance Zimbabwe is to demonstrate how underrepresented young people can develop into a robust and qualified talent pool for employers and thus enhance diversity and inclusion in the labour market”, said Dr Tajudeen Oyewale, UNICEF Representative in Zimbabwe.

The Fairchance initiative aligns with the Government of Zimbabwe’s commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive environment, where every young person has a fair chance to unlock their full potential.

“As a ministry, we believe this initiative is perfectly in alignment with our priorities for the youth of Zimbabwe and we aim to create a supportive ecosystem that nurtures talent and cultivates the leaders of tomorrow, through partnerships with leading educational institutions, industry experts, and mentorship programmes, beyond this proof of concept,” said Minister of Youth Empowerment, Development and Vocational Training, Hon. Tinomuda Machakaire.

Two key private sector partners for this pilot – SPAR Zimbabwe and tourism operator Wild Horizons – have been engaged from the start to co-design the programme, share insights into their hiring practices and confirm the essential life skills required for entry-level jobs.

Most importantly, these employers will also provide actual opportunities for selected finalists of the programme, such as entry-level jobs and internships.

“Wild Horizons strongly believes in supporting and the empowerment of youths, particularly young women. By providing them with the necessary opportunities, resources and guidance, we can empower these individuals to make positive choices and contribute meaningfully to society,” said Wild Horizon’s C.E.O, Gary Archer

“SPAR is excited to team up with Unicef and Goodwall for the Fairchance Programme. We believe in empowering women, which aligns with one of our core values. As part of this programme, we are thrilled to offer internships to five young women who will gain valuable Retail experience in our Stores”, said SPAR Zimbabwe’s General Manager, Cypren Borerwe

With a focus on inclusivity, UNICEF is also collaborating with the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe, the Regional Network of Children and Young People Trust, and BOOST Fellowship — organisations committed to the rights and well-being of young women — to ensure the right target audience is reached in both rural and urban areas, and well-informed to meaningfully engage in the initiative.

Young women between the age of 18 and 26 are invited to participate in the programme through the Goodwall app as of January 29th.

For those unable to download the Goodwall app, participation through the WhatsApp social media platform is also available here and on the following number: +27 838873804, to ensure accessibility to a broader audience.

The ultimate goal of the FairChance programme is to establish a cost-scalable proof of concept, demonstrating the effectiveness and economic viability of this partnership model, providing value for employers, and impacting the lives of young women positively.

For more information about FairChance Zimbabwe, one can visit the programme’s website.

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