FRYA is a Zimbabwean-born singer-songwriter and vocal powerhouse.

Born Rutendo Maregere, Frya lived most of her life in Zimbabwe where she was raised before migrating to South Africa in 2016 to further her studies.

After briefly working a job in finance, she decided to quit her job to pursue her music career.

Frya has sonically slotted her voice in many hit series as she makes her mark in the music industry.  

She is an artist that characterises her sound as, the modern African woman who is versatile, forceful and assertive.

Her love of singing began at an early age.

Growing up, FRYA was influenced by singers such as Adele, Rihanna and Jhené Aiko, as well as her mother.

FRYA, sometimes written FREYA, is a name derived from the goddess Freya in Norse mythology.

She was presented as a goddess who loved music and was fearless in the pursuit of her desires.

Her music career began when she shared a cover of an Adele song on Instagram, which grabbed the eye of the executive producer of SABC news, as Frya stated in a GQ interview.

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