ZANU PF youth leader Charles Munganasa, who was recently appointed acting ZBC Chief Executive Officer (CEO), has been reportedly partially lifted a controversial ban on Winky D’s Music on the state controlled airwaves.

Winky D faced over a year of exclusion from state-controlled airwaves following the release of his socially charged conscious album “Eureka Eureka.”

The album’s perceived social commentary ruffled feathers of the ruling party, leading to a comprehensive ban on the music from state broadcasts.

During his New Year’s Eve concert, Winky D acknowledged the impact of the blackout on his music.

“From 2004 up until 2024, 2023 was the most difficult year for me musically,” said Winky D.

“I could not get an interview on the radio for the show. I only had the internet and dreams and then you (fans),” said Winky D.

However, two his songs, Ibotso and Dzimba dzemabwe remain banned on the state controlled airwaves.

The artist’s latest work, Love quartet has started to gain a fairy coverage on the national airwaves.

Popular opinion is that the Acting ZBC CEO is trying to revive dwindling fan base on the state airwaves by bringing back popular voices such as of Winky D.

The partial lift to the ban can be a milestone to freedom of expression as well as artistic freedom.

The ban should not have come at the first place.

Last year ZBC refused to have effected the ban and they are on the record saying, “The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation has noted with concern unfounded messages circulating on various social media platforms alleging that there has been a ban on Winky D’s songs on the ZBC platforms.

ZBC is a public broadcaster and is guided by the philosophy of leaving no one and no place behind“.

“The truth always comes out in the end, no matter how hard anyone tries to hide it or stop it. Lies are just a temporary delay to the inevitable,” Unknown

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