Agatha Mujati a middle aged politician from Zengeza, Chitungwiza revealed how it was difficult to be a woman in politics which is a male dominated field.

Mujati reveals how women will fight fellow women in politics before even the contestant reveal a campaign manifesto.

“Women have a pull you down syndrome”, Mujati reveals.

She went on to say that, “Women will denigrate you amongst their peers if you opt to be elected for political office”.

Woman in politics are perceived within stereotypical lenses which assume them to be of immoral behaviour.

Mujati told this reporter that as a women politician, you have to fight other women first who will not be contesting and then you will start to campaign against male or other female politicians.

“As a women politician you have two battles to win, the first is against your fellow women and lastly against your political opponent”, Mujati said.

Mujati revealed that some of the women had the guts to speak in her presence that their men will be taken away from them by her as she was contesting to be a councillor for Ward 6, Zengeza West Constituency in the elections slated for 23 August this year.

“Resources are the most challenges we face as women candidates against well resourced man in the competition for the electorates”, Mujati reveals.

You need money for campaign material such as flyers, posters and you have to buy food for those assisting you to campaign, revealed Mujati.

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) used a highly criticised way of electing candidates during their primary elections which the party dubbed “nomination process”.

Candidates could be seen with their supporters following closely behind during the election process.

“I was competing with well oiled males financially and it is alleged that they promised money to electorates who could line behind them during the election day and this disenfranchised me without money”, revealed Mujati.

Mujati said that more organisations should mentor women for politics and as a beneficiary of such mentorship, she was so proud of having withered the storm during the campaigning period.

Unfortunately, Mujati will not be contesting in the coming elections but she was nominated as one of the women to be in the Chitungwiza Municipality through the quarter system.

Section 80 of the Constitution, also part of the Declaration of Rights, states that every woman has full and equal dignity of the person with men and this includes equal opportunities in political, economic and social activities.

Section 268, also amended in 2021, provides for 10 party-list women to be elected to every provincial and metropolitan council.

Section 277, another 2021 amendment, states rather incoherently that the Electoral Act may provide for additional women councillors to be elected on a party-list basis to urban and rural district councils; they will constitute at least 30 per cent of the total membership of the councils.

Mujati will be in the Chitungwiza Municipality through the provisions of Section 277 mentioned above, that is if her party manages to win in the upcoming election.

Mujati applauded the quarter system as it increased the voice of women in policy formulation.

“Being a women, I know how it means to have shortage of water and how sewage leakes means to the healthy of the family as a mother, with such understanding of the dire consequences I will influence policies and service delivery when executing my duties”, Mujati said.

“However, the quarter system comes with its challenges, women are sidelined to contest for wards and constituencies as they are told not to contest and opt out for males as they wait for the seats provided for women through the quarter system”, bemoans Mujati.

Mujati who embarked in the political journey in 2007 told this publication about the voilence involved in politics.

Women tend not to join politics as they are afraid of voilence associated with politics, stated Mujati.

“You need to balance political life and your household chores and to me I have advantage over other women as my last born is now 15 years old and does not require much of my presence”, reveals Mujati.

Mujati urged more women to join politics and particiapte for leadership positions so that women could be equally represented in every strata of power.

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