The Zimbabwean election was condemned almost by every foreign observer missions in their preliminary reports and Nigel Chanakira also added on his voice to the shambolic way the elections were held.m

In a length X (Twitter) thread, celebrated Zimbabwean business mogul, philanthropist and the founder of Kingdom Bank, Nigel Chanakira could fathom it anymore and uttered his distress on the political landscape prevailing in the country.

“Like most Zimbabweans I used to be timid and private about my political views but I have now become more decisive and openly swayed in a different direction for the sake of our beloved country”, said Chanakira.

Chanakira could not mince his words as he explained why he is on the travell.

He said, “The prevailing blatant and brazen corruption, intolerance, misappropriation of resources, hyperinflation and fragile exchange rate for all who care to see have led me to another fork in the road”.

Chanakira went on to say, so elections done and dusted. “Ngoma ndiyo ndiyo!” (Same old Zimbabwe).

“It’s back to the grind for some of us; regional and global opportunities look more sustainable from my personal viewpoint so as to diversify and avert earnings, savings, investments, retirement funds and medical aids from being eroded the likely local environment”, Chanakira said.

Just like the majority of Zimbabweans, Chanakira highlighted how the environment was not conducive to run a profitable business in the legal framework.

“Nobody listens and cares anymore within the ruling elite. Folks, we have to engage and dialogue much more with all politicians for a better Zimbabwe.

Left alone they will not govern for the people both at national and local government levels but for themselves.

Not that my opinion counts or has ever counted for much, but my prayer is that ZANU PF will reform itself further to become a modern, progressive and futuristic party that is not tone deaf and optics blind.

Being a rural focused party that does not incorporate the urbanites, the middle class and independent thinkers plus not speaking truth to power, could be its demise”, Chanakira bemoaned.

In his thread he highlighted how the country should be led in a way that incorporates the sustainable future in its thinking.

The winning party, ZANU PF ran its election without a manifesto for the first time since 1980 and its so difficult to hold it accountable if it fails to achieve iys promises.

Chanakira had to say, “The lack of a 2023 manifesto was shocking to say the least but then, the 2018 election Presidential pledge must have been rather too embarrassing to contemplate a new release”.

The entrepreneur went on to urge, “CCC as the main contending party remains in substance, a movement that must now evolve to become a democratic party.

They seem to listen more based on my personal engagement and skirmishes with them. My sagas with water, roads and vehicle clamping in Harare have yielded tangible results.

Currently they depict some favorable alternative policies within their manifesto of being all inclusive, energetic and youthful”.

Chanakira said, “Their underdog status after having been stripped off the assets amidst the MDC fiascos and starting afresh is commendable and has all caught my attention”.

CCC Councillors generally though, have been a disappointment in local governance and the corrupt and poor performances have not been endearing.

They clearly survive by a protest vote in my in that they remain by far the only meaningful opposition party yet have fared poorly, Chanakira did not mince his word on poor service dwlivery by some CCC councillors.

“I lived in Cape Town for many years and I have witnessed that opposition parties can successfully run cities and municipalities.

I pray that they do better if they are Re-elected. A maturing nation demands that our national and local governments must have at the very least a functional commonality for the good of the public”, Chanakira said.

Chanakira belittled other opposition political partie, “As for the other parties, perhaps the lure of POLAD and having an “also ran” C.V. drew them into the race but frankly, they have been very poor at mobilizing followers and articulating their objectives and seem to only serve to sanitize a skewed election”.

Chanakira explained that, politics in Zimbabwe remains a tough if not dirty game and very expensive to whisky we are at it.

It clearly is not for the meek and mild. Others are simply in it to be used to rubber stamp pay masters. This explains why women in general and many notable male potential candidates steer clear.

Chanakira put it that, “The leveling of the playing field within political parties and within the scope of national elections needs serious addressing for more equitable representation”.

The philanthropist also added that, “I personally yearn for a better Zimbabwe than heretofore and by God’s grace I will live to see it within my lifetime. I’m more addicted and loyal to my God and my country than I ever could be to a political party.

Blind loyalty, even for a football club including my beloved Liverpool FC, sounds pretty dumb to me. Others selfishly vote and follow for the benefits that they derive from political parties. I personally have never subscribed to doing business via political favors and I never will”.

May God’s sovereign will for our beloved Zimbabwe prevail, Chanakira signed off.

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