In a press statement by the Secretary General of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS), H.E Georges Rebelo Pinto Chikoti conveyed its gratitude yesterday to the Zimbabwean authorities for the invitation to observe the 2023 Harmonised Elections.

Chikoti said, “The OACPS values the adherence to democratic processes in all its member states, as this is essential for the achievement of their sustainable and inclusive development.

Therefore, the OACPS supports the electoral process that is taking place in Zimbabwe.
In this regard, the OACPS is seriously concerned about the continued sanctions against Zimbabwe, whose negative impact on the economic development greatly affects ordinary citizens”.

He went on to say, “In an engagement with the leadership of the Republic of Zimbabwe, the OACPS was encouraged by the government’s commitment to conduct elections that would be judged to be free, fair, and transparent, reflecting the will of the people.

Having visited ten polling stations in Harare and its environs on August 23, 2023, and spoken to various stakeholders, including voters, the OACPS congratulates all concerned for the transparent, peaceful, and orderly conduct at the polling stations.

The OACPS notes with satisfaction the high numbers of women participating as polling officials, agents, and in the electorate. This is a most welcome development”.

“The OACPS also notes with satisfaction that local and foreign observers were given full access to the polling stations in the spirit of transparency and accountability.

The OACPS calls on the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to continue to be diligent in its functions, including the counting, tallying of the ballots, and announcement of the results.

The OACPS further calls on the political parties and their supporters to accept the final outcome.

The integrity and success of the electoral process will be of great pride and benefit to the Zimbabwean and African people”, said Chikato.

The body of OACPS comprises 79 member states.

OACPS failed to note delays in opening of polling station in Harare where they observed the elections .

The delays in opening was due to non availability of postal ballot for Local Authority.

By the time the OACPS issued the statement, some constituencies in Harare have not yet finished voting as voting had extended into second day.

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