Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) issued a statement condemning the murder of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist in Glen View recently.

“Stop political violence and practice tolerance”, ZimRights said.

ZimRights stated that it condemns the attack on (CCC) supporters by
alleged ZANU-PF activists which resulted in the death of one CCC supporter.

“On Thursday 3 August, a member of the Citizen Coalition for Change, Tinashe Chitsunge was stoned to death in Glen View South by alleged ZANU PF supporters.

Members of the CCC party were distributing fliers and posters when they were ambushed and stoned.

Zimbabwe has a history of politically motivated violence which the ruling party activists uses to get people to vote for their candidates”, said ZimRights.

“ZimRights, therefore, condemns, in strongest terms, acts of politically motivated violence, and would like to remind all political players that the Constitution of Zimbabwe guarantees civil and political rights for all Zimbabweans.

Sections 52(a), 67(2), and 155(d) of the constitution guarantee freedom from all forms of violence, the right to campaign freely and peacefully for a political party or cause of one’s own choice, and freedom from violence and other electoral malpractices.

This is supported by several regional and international human rights mechanisms, including, article 10 of the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights which guarantees individuals’ rights to freedom of association”, it said.

ZimRights also championed the importance of tolerance as a cornerstone of nation – building.

ZimRights’ Peace-building Action Zone, through the 2021 State of Peace report, documented that over 50% of the community activists were living in a state of fragile peace.

The report observes that elections presented a nightmare rather than an opportunity for Zimbabweans – all of which is avoidable with the correct mindset and political will.

The worrying increase in political violence and acts of intimidation, also threaten to derail citizen participation democratic processes, ushering voter apathy and anarchy.

ZimRights urged, “The Zimbabwean Government to ensure that the upcoming general elections are held in an atmosphere that promotes freedom of assembly, association and expression for the people of Zimbabwe.

That the Zimbabwe Republic Police act, and be seen to act in a non-partisan manner and bring all perpetrators to book over human rights violations in line with Section 219 (3) of the constitution.

That the people of Zimbabwe practice tolerance irrespective of their political differences, and uphold the sanctity of human rights for everyone”.

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